What is Greenwashing?

More than ever, consumers expect companies and brands to take a stand on environmental issues. They want companies to have sustainable practices and approach their business with ethical environmental policies. 

While many companies are striving to implement and expand green practices, there are brands that merely pay lip service to environmental issues. Worse than that, there are companies that stretch the truth or outright lie about what they are doing when it comes to sustainability. This is called greenwashing, and not only should consumers watch out for it, but business owners also need to make sure they aren’t falling into the trap or they risk more than just their reputation.

What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when a company makes claims that they are taking steps to lessen their brand’s impact on the environment, but in reality, are not, or worse, covering up damaging activities. This practice can range from misleading statistics or advertising to complete untruths or lies to the public.

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